Trust Yourself

By Jules | | February 27th, 2015

Trust_YourselfIn previous posts we have explored the stories we tell ourselves and the impact they have on how we live our life, had a look at what makes you You and given permission to forgive ourselves and show the same compassion to us as we show others.

In this final part of our four part series on Loving Yourself, we are going to look at Trust.

If you missed any of the above or feel you want to reflect on where you are, then take a look from the start.

Trust plays a major part in how we feel about people, so why should it be any different when it comes to how we feel about ourselves?

Trust impacts us in different ways; Confidence, decisiveness, even posture and lack of trust in yourself can be unhelpful in these areas.

Here are three steps towards trusting yourself:

1) Be honest with yourself
Trust is built on honesty and therefore being truthful about your own feelings is essential. Ask yourself how you feel about a situation and listen to the answer. Take a moment to acknowledge the response, positive or otherwise.

It’s ok if the response isn’t what you want it to be. At least now you know how you really feel and how you want to feel.

When you are truthful about your feelings you don’t need to lie to yourself or bury things, enabling you to release all the internal resources you have been using to keep them contained. Imagine what you will do with all that additional resource!

2) Boost your self confidence
Identify those things which make you feel good about yourself and set aside more time to do them. Look for opportunities that will help improve your confidence; using a skill you are good at, helping someone and receiving praise, wearing an outfit or having a laugh down the pub.

Listen to your own ideas and instincts. You don’t always have to act on them, but acknowledge them and the potential benefits they might bring.

3) Trust yourself
You have all the resources inside you to achieve what you desire, so trust yourself and have confidence in your abilities. Your instinct and need to protect yourself will not let you come to any harm and if you feel really stuck, don’t bury it, call on your network of supporters to help you work through the blockage.

Once you trust yourself, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve!

As you sit here reading this blog you might already have started feeling good about yourself. You might even have started loving yourself.

You’re probably already aware of the fact that loving and connecting with yourself is the key to being able to love and connect with others, including loving relationships. Loving yourself is the key to creating a passionate, fulfilled and joyful life.

Sooner or later you will notice that loving yourself improves everything in your life — your relationships, your health and wellbeing, your ability to live the life you dream of, and your self-esteem.

Imagine how that would feel…

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