Now that you have chosen to engage LeadWell, there are many ways for you to access our services. Part of our expertise is in creating seamless programmes of support that inspire and motivate commitment and high performance, uplift skills, transform attitudes and outlooks, and enable increased wellbeing.

The content of our engagements is always tailored specifically to your needs from our repertoire of advanced skills and vast library of development tools, and is brought to you by people who really care about how well you do, and how well you feel.


In all cases, the LeadWell input itself is provided free of charge to schools with existing Staff Absence Insurance.  In these cases the school will be asked to provide a suitable venue, and to arrange the event itself, including administration of attendees, AV equipment, flipcharts, and refreshments and lunches where required.

For speaking at conferences, we agree to support your event on an ‘expenses only’ basis, in return for the option to showcase our services by taking a stand, and for being able to introduce SAS and explain LeadWell at the beginning of the input or speaking session.

There are several ways we can work with you