Professional facilitation can be provided on a process or expert basis (the how or the what) – or a combination of both.  We are often asked to facilitate key SLT meetings, where it is important that the Head and SBM can be fully engaged in discussions without having to manage the meeting.

Process facilitation is where our facilitator ensures your meeting follows the agenda, and addresses the issues within the timescale allocated, and includes our expertise in designing and using methodologies that aid analysis of the problems and the creation of solutions.  Generally, unless specifically asked, the process facilitator will not comment on the topic(s) under discussion.

Expert facilitation is used where an expert opinion enhances the quality of outcomes, and involves the expert facilitator introducing knowledge and expertise to the group.  The focus is on enhancing the knowledge and understanding of the group and guiding the decision-making process accordingly.

In reality, most facilitation involves both process and expert input – albeit often the expert advice is on issues surrounding the problems under discussion.  For example, when thinking about the pros and cons of transition to Academy status, LeadWell facilitators will help think through the leadership challenges of execution, such as engaging and inspiring staff commitment, as well as ensuring your discussions cover the legal, process, logistical, and managerial challenges.

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