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Coaching continues to be one of the most useful and effective ways to support senior leaders, enabling them to thrive in their roles, outperform themselves, and transform their wellbeing.

Our team are all qualified and experienced coaches. We will enable you to have a deeper understanding of what really motivates you, and how to succeed in life, adopting more effective behaviours and leadership approaches for you and your team.

In some cases we offer a programme of coaching to senior leaders, which can be delivered in a number of ways:  Face-to-face in school; face-to-face initially, and then by Skype or telephone; in small groups of senior leaders (e.g. SLT or a cluster group) on shared topics or difficulties; or as a ‘surgery’, with one hour slots allocated to individuals throughout a given school day.  The duration of the coaching programme is determined at the outset according to the issues to be addressed and outcomes to be achieved, which can be professional or personal in nature – or both.

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