Forgive Yourself

By Jules | | February 19th, 2015

In this series of blogs, so far we have explored the stories we tell ourselves and the impact they have on how we live our life. We’ve also had a look at what makes you You, reviewed your achievements and discovered reasons to love yourself. If you missed them for any reason then take a look from the start.

So what’s next?

You may already have started to notice the changes in the way you feel about yourself as you view things from a positive mind-set.

Now it’s time to deal with any “stuff” you have that might be holding you back from truly loving yourself. This might not be as easy as it sounds; most of us have mistakes, mishaps and failures from over the years, which have been engraved into our minds and trigger some emotion when we think about them, are put into similar situations or someone reminds us of them.

Think of a mistake, mishap or failure, which continues to have an impact on you and notice how is makes you feel

1) What have you learnt from it?
Identify what you have learned and the impact the learning has had on your life since.

2) If your best friend or one of your children came to you with this issue, what would you say to them?
Why doesn’t the same apply to you? How can you respond like that to them but not to yourself?

3) Be compassionate
Give yourself the same compassion and understanding you would give to others. If they made a decision that had a negative consequence, you would want them to learn from their mistake and move on. Right?

So what’s stopping you?

How would it feel if you forgave yourself any mistakes from the past and chose to start with a fresh positive outlook?

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