Be Brilliant

The Be Brilliant Programme is about you.  It’s about you and your story.  It’s about the life you are choosing to live, now and in the future.  It’s about deciding now to live fully, passionately and authentically.  It’s about being more of who you really are, whoever you are.  And it’s about how to do it right now – not next week, next month, or next year.

  • You may feel that the aspirations or promises you made to yourself have never quite materialised.
  • You may be a leader who wants to inspire, energise, and lead with integrity.
  • You may be a teacher or parent who knows that being your best is a powerful role model for your children or pupils.
  • You may be facing one of life’s difficult decisions or challenges and want to break through to clearer and easier times.
  • You may be restless, and have a hunger developing for something more.
  • You may be many of these, or none of them.
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Whatever your current story, you know there is the potential to do more, experience more, or achieve more without sacrificing the quality of your life. We believe in potential.  We believe in your potential.  And we believe in your ability to liberate more of it than perhaps you ever believed possible.  Let us guide you there. Be Brilliant is a proven three day programme of development that will enable you to adopt an empowered and energised approach to your life, work and relationships. The programme is run in a workshop style, and is highly personalised and interactive. It runs every term in three locations: Oxfordshire, South Normanton, and North Yorkshire. Places are limited to 12 per event, so that participants derive maximum benefit. The programme draws on models that have been used to help people be brilliant, feel brilliant, and achieve brilliant things for decades.  It has been developed and proven in the school environment to support excellence in teaching and learning, and to encourage and enable Brilliant Leadership. Be Brilliant helps you to

  • Create and achieve a clear, inspiring, and motivating vision
  • Take command – of your life, work, and relationships
  • Understand how people tick – including yourself
  • Move beyond your limiting beliefs and fears
  • Develop habitual patterns of thinking and behaving that accelerate your achievements
  • Be more fulfilled, happy, and energised, more of the time
  • Feel more empowered, and find solutions to challenges more easily

Format: Personal Development Workshop

Preparation work: One hour.

Day 1: Identifying where you are in life, and how you got here.  Refreshing or defining your vision.  Setting and rehearsing goals.

Day 2: Redefining responsibility; Being Present; Exploring personal integrity; Identifying and resolving limiting beliefs.

Day 3: Transformational Language; Being your best; Living purposefully; Leading others; Personal commitment.

Programme Leader;  Paul Crittenden, Director of LeadWell.  FIhD; MPNLP

Places: 12 per event.

Price:  Free for senior Leaders of schools insured by SAS.   Others: £450 non-residential.

Please call us to discuss your participation, or book your place today. Full details for participants including venue information, at time of booking.

Scheduled Dates

Date Length Location Register Link
05 May Yarm, North Yorkshire Click To Register
12 May South Normanton, Derbyshire Click To Register
17 May Oxford, Oxfordshire Click To Register