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Don’t Blame the Lettuce

By leadwell-admin | | July 31st, 2014

If we grow a lettuce, but it doesn’t do so well, we don’t blame the lettuce. We look to see why it’s not doing so well – maybe we water it, or compost it, give it more or less light, shield it from pests. But whatever we do, we don’t blame the lettuce.

Bright Ideas


By leadwell-admin | | June 15th, 2014

“If you listen closely, you will hear a small voice hidden in the dim shade of all your fears that whispers ‘this isn’t real’ “
Jackson Kiddard

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By leadwell-admin | | April 28th, 2014

Rarely, if ever, does an empathic response start with “At least…”

It is not reassuring or supportive to try to make someone feel that ‘it could have been worse’!