LeadWell principles

LeadWell principles are universal and have been proven to work very effectively in any high pressure and demanding work environment.

LeadWell is based on ten important principles:

  1. Understanding how to lead yourself effectively is the easiest way to discover how to lead others effectively.
  2. Leading yourself effectively includes not just having a vision for where you are going, but also developing the qualities and mindset to ensure you succeed whatever your circumstances.
  3. It is not high pressure situations or demanding environments that create stress, but our individual responses to them.  This is an important principle of LeadWell because only when this is acknowledged does it place us in a position to wrest back responsibility for our own stress and overcome it.
  4. The predominant response to stress, universally, is to approach stress management back to front.  By this we mean to apply stress relief when we realise we are suffering from stress; stress management when we recognise our situation is stressful; and only rarely do we apply the self-management required to avoid situations becoming stressful in the first place. LeadWell reverses this order.
  5. Only once we are in command of our psychological and emotional world can we be at our best to tackle the challenges and pressures of our physical and working environment.
  6. Once we are managing and leading ourselves effectively we develop greater capacity to inspire, influence, persuade, lead and develop those around us.  When we do this well – with elegance, compassion and positive volition, we can build a similar ability to cope under pressure and to deliver against the odds in those who work with us.
  7. Personal accountability for how we experience our work, life and relationships is the most empowering and freeing of capabilities.  When we enable this in others we automatically liberate more of their potential, reduce their fears and enable greater contribution.
  8. Contrary to existing models of measurement in education, there is only one measurement in LeadWell, and that is achievement of personal best each day.  We believe that it is impossible for you to achieve more than your personal best performance at any point, and that benchmarking yourself against external standards furthers the unhelpful external referencing that undermines confidence and brilliant performance in the first place.
  9. We believe that exceptional leadership is not only for those who are born leaders.  We believe that anyone with the will, determination and passion to succeed, can become an exceptional leader.
  10. LeadWell, if it is to be as transformational as we expect it to be for you, will impact on every area of your life, not just your school role. It is not about what you do, but who you become.