Why have you introduced LeadWell?

Schools Advisory Service is a values-led business, but as a business it is important that we operate profitably, and maximise profits as a component of our success. Insurance becomes more profitable in two ways: by increasing premiums, or by reducing claims. It makes perfect business sense to us to seek to reduce claims by reinvesting some of our profits in providing proactive support, which is why we have been providing wellbeing services for many years. LeadWell is a new service that acknowledges the highly stressful nature of school leadership roles, and provides tailored support to help maintain wellness in these roles by proactively improving leadership and personal effectiveness. It’s a win, win, win business solution: Your school wins, your staff wins, and SAS wins.

Who is LeadWell aimed at?

The primary focus of LeadWell is Head Teachers and School Business Managers, although other key staff can be included if we think it is valuable and appropriate. Other wellbeing services are available for the whole school or specific staff groups, and details of these can be found on the Wellbeing section of the main SAS website.

What does it cost?  Are these services really free?
Can I get free training for all staff?

For schools with current staff absence insurance with SAS at the time of delivery; consultation, event design, training, and support is delivered free of charge for Head Teachers, School Business Managers and some other senior leaders.

Wellbeing Training for other staff groups is available at cost, which for an event at your school is £600 per day / £400 per half day for 2015 to cover incidentals.

All services we agree to deliver under LeadWell are covered by the premium your school has paid for staff absence insurance. As long as your cover is current and you can commit to work with us on implementing your LeadWell learning, then you won’t have to pay.

How do I begin?  How quickly can I start using LeadWell?

That’s easy!  Start as soon as you like!  Just get in touch by phone or email to arrange a conversation about your needs and we will take it from there, whether suggesting an ‘off the shelf’ solution tailored to suit your needs or a bespoke offer designed specifically for your school.  Our contact details are on this website.

Can schools use LeadWell if they are not insured with SAS?

Schools that are not yet customers of Schools Advisory Service can sign up to receive INsights, and can access a limited amount of information and written learning materials, but are not eligible for free training services. LeadWell is primarily a benefit for schools who have invested in Staff Absence Insurance with SAS.  If uninsured schools use our training services they will be charged the market rate.

What Training is available?  Do you only do set training or will you design something special for us?

We offer a wide range of leadership, personal effectiveness, and wellbeing related training and development that targets Head Teachers, School Business Managers, and certain other high pressure senior leadership roles.  Training is delivered in a variety of ways, individually and in groups face-to-face, and we are currently developing distance learning materials supported by web-based seminars.

Every engagement is tailored to the specific needs of the school.  This is achieved through an initial consultation to explore your challenges and we design the solution from our portfolio of services.

We also run open events around the country which are a great way to experience the superb quality of LeadWell events. You can find details of all our open events on our Events page.

Is one to one coaching included in the service?

If it is appropriate, and the best way to address the development of a Head Teacher or School Business Manager, then we will provide one to one coaching.

Can you run a twilight session after school for all of our teachers?

Yes we can, as part of supporting a Head Teacher to engage staff in their own wellbeing and develop leadership behaviours that work more effectively. Alternatively our nurses or other trainers can attend if the topic is more broadly wellbeing related.

Would you speak at our conference?

Yes, we can provide a speaker on LeadWell-related topics for your conference, or offer a short workshop session as part of your programme.

Are the trainers qualified and experienced?

Yes. All of our trainers and consultants are qualified and experts in their field. Most have significant experience in the education sector.

Some do not have very much education sector experience, but they are on the team because they bring fresh, innovative and ground-breaking approaches to solving long standing problems that established approaches have so far not successfully addressed.

Can someone come to our school to talk to me about LeadWell?

Yes, of course. Contact us to arrange a convenient time and date.

If I don’t want to have the mailer, INsights, can I still get free training and support from LeadWell?

You do not need to be receiving INsights in order to use LeadWell, but the mailer will be the main way in which we keep you up-to-date with developments, special offers and key events.

My Absence Insurance expires in March, can I book LeadWell support now, but have it delivered in May?

No, unfortunately not. All training or support booked under a current policy must be completed before the cover expires.

Do you travel throughout the UK?

Yes, we can visit and work with you anywhere in the UK, initially through our regional representation, and via our Network of trainers and consultants. If your questions are not answered here, or if you would like to talk to someone about using LeadWell, call us or email us today. Our contact details are on this website.