How we work

When you make contact, we will come and meet you to get to know you, talk through your challenges, and help you to articulate clearly what you’d like to achieve.  We don’t distinguish between the ‘home you’ and the ‘work you’ – we work with ‘all of you’ because we understand how one environment impacts the other.   The issues we help you address may be personal or professional, or a mixture of both.  It may be about your own challenges as a leader, or it may be about your team, or specific relationships.  It may even be about issues outside of your direct control or influence.

We are all individuals, and no two schools or situations are identical. Our programmes are unique to you and your environment.

During our meeting we will establish a way forward and will give you a broad idea of our proposals. After a few days of reflection time we’ll send you a brief written proposal of what we suggest the work might look like, and how much time and commitment is involved.  In some cases, where a wider whole-school approach is needed, we’ll also include an estimate of fees for work not covered under the insurance policy (see our FAQ’s).

When you give us the go ahead, we will design detailed session plans, materials or exercises, and give you a copy for review. Work starts as soon as you accept the proposal.

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