The team

Paul Crittenden

Paul Crittenden LeadWell Director

Paul is the Director of the LeadWell service and is a passionate advocate of personal leadership and accountability. He has a strong track record of helping leaders thrive in highly pressurised environments, and strongly believes that success does not have to come at the cost of wellbeing and happiness.


Jules Jackson LeadWell Senior Consultant

Jules is passionate about enabling positive change, to lives, business and the world. She believes that through unleashing what’s inside individuals, there are no boundaries to what can be achieved and we truly can change the world with every aspect of our being.

Kate Hinchliffe

Kate Hinchliffe LeadWell Consultant

Kate is based in the North of England. She has an MBA, and a career spanning over 25 years, with leadership positions across a range of schools & organisations, successfully leading the development of teams and individuals to improve outcomes through personal effectiveness.


Gary Saul-Paterson LeadWell Consultant

Gary is based in Bristol. He has inspired and supported significant change and achievement with leaders at a personal, team and organisational level, and is passionate about helping people to successfully develop their confidence, resilience and resourcefulness in increasingly challenging environments.

Meriel photo

Meriel Swain LeadWell Consultant

Meriel is based in the Cotswolds. She is a great believer in courage, in equipping people to take action and take the plunge. Over the years she has recognised that listening to your gut (the intuition), acquiring new skills (the intelligence), and putting it together through action (the heart and the courage) will transform your life.

New Colin Head and Shoulders

Colin Brown LeadWell Consultant

Colin is a guide, focussed on nurturing and expanding the capabilities of individuals, teams and organisations. His personal motto is ‘Never Stop Growing’ and he believes that we all have the potential for positive change and personal growth at every stage in our lives.