About LeadWell

Concept of education

LeadWell is a service provided to SAS customers that aims to support leaders in schools to maintain their resolve, resilience and resourcefulness.  The LeadWell team will motivate and stimulate you to be the best you can be, personally and professionally.  We’ll enable you to be more confident, inspirational and influential, and enhance your ability to be in command in all areas of your life…

The service has two aspects.  The first, leading yourself.  The second, leading others.

Remember we talked about making a difference? LeadWell is all about You. We aren’t going to tell you how to lead your school or how to manage the daily operations. We will however equip you with the tools to restore your sparkle, to inspire and lead others, provide them with clarity and certainty and to know who to be rather than what to do. You will enjoy a greater sense of purpose and ease, feel resilient under pressure and radiate confidence. In short, we will enable you to lead well.

What does it cost?

Most LeadWell offerings are free of charge while your school has active Staff Absence Insurance placed with Schools Advisory Service, but a few bespoke services may incur a charge to cover costs.

How do I use LeadWell?

There are currently three ways in which you can use LeadWell.

  1. Take the first step towards your brighter future. Choose to receive useful insights, be inspired, and have your current perspectives challenged by registering your interest to receive our broadcast materials, including our newsletter INsights, periodic offers of free development tools, and notification of upcoming events.
  2. Maybe you are someone who shines best when learning with others and having face to face contact with your tutors? If that’s you, we have a number of LeadWell events that run throughout the year, and also offer face to face and distance coaching throughout the programmes. Now you are moving forward with renewed energy.
  3. Imagine if we could help you reconnect with your passion, and how this will enable you to create a brighter future for yourself AND your school? The SAS LeadWell team can equip you to be the inspiring and capable leader your role demands. Our support reflects your unique blend of talents and can be delivered in a way which helps you lead your school effectively and maintains your personal wellbeing.  Contact us today to talk with one of the team.

LeadWell will equip you to outperform yourself time after time, and reward you with a sense of calm confidence in all areas of your life.  It draws not only on contemporary understanding of brain science, emotional health and the psychology of success, but on hundreds of years of developed wisdom in established life philosophies from around the world, turning them into practical, easily implemented approaches to day-to-day challenges.