We believe most people want to lead a life that matters – deep down, if not openly.  We all want to do great things, motivated by our desire to leave a legacy – to make a difference.  Often though, the tables turn, and we find ourselves becoming different over time.  We are working hard and doing well, but we’ve lost some of our original sparkle. LeadWell will help you restore that energy in your life, to enable you to shine.

Because no-one ever truly shines
unless they feel brilliant!

Get some help

Let us help you shine in 2015

Imagine if we could help you rediscover your passion, and how it will enable you to create a brighter future for yourself AND your school? The LeadWell team will help unleash the inspiring and capable leader your role demands.  Contact us today to talk with one of the team about releasing the leader within.

Sharing the learning

Maybe you are someone who shines when learning with others and having face-to-face contact with your tutors? If that’s you, we have a number of LeadWell events that run throughout the year, and also offer face-to-face and distance coaching throughout the programmes.

Small beginnings

Take the first step towards a brighter future. Choose to receive useful insights, be inspired, and have your current perspectives challenged by registering your interest to receive our broadcast materials; INsights newsletter, periodic offers of free development tools, and notifications of upcoming events.

Book onto "Be Brilliant"

Be Brilliant! is an approach to personal development that will enable you to be the best you can be, contributing actively to the lives and success of others. Experience tells us that being consistently brilliant is driven more by who we are than what to do.

This one day workshop, with additional options to delve deeper, draws on models that have been used to help people both Be and Feel Brilliant, for decades, and has been proven in the school environment to support excellence in teaching and learning, and to encourage and enable inspirational leadership.

Be Brilliant! will enable you to

  • Create and maintain a powerful focus on achieving your dreams
  • Take command – of your life, work, and relationships
  • Create and achieve a clear, inspiring, and motivating vision for yourself and your team
  • Understand how people tick – most importantly, yourself
  • Be more fulfilled, happy, and energised, more of the time

Be Brilliant

Be Brilliant

The Be Brilliant Programme is about you. It’s about you and your story. It’s about the life you are choosing to live, now and in the future.

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